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hpskits's Journal

HP Skits
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Skits are little scenarios played out in answer to a question or scenario, usually in dialogue and actions, like you were writing a screenplay for a play. Skits are often funny, silly and short, although they don't have to be.

Here's an example:

Draco: Potter, you suck at this. Were you dropped on your head as a child? *stirrs cauldron*
Harry: You'd suck at it too, if Snape kept glaring at you like that! And btw, you do suck at stirring cauldrons, let me do it, you do the chopping!
Draco: *raises eyebrow* I'm flattered you'd trust me with a knife in the vicinity of your fingers, Potter, I really am.
Harry: *glares* You're just trying to do the easy job.
Draco: *smirk* Easy job? I'm already doing you, aren't I?
Harry: *blushes*

This community is for writing skits in response to a weekly challenge. Every Tuesday we post three scenarios/questions as a challenge, one with a specific pairing, one with an open pairing and one gen. You can choose to respond on only one challenge or them all.

Post your response(s) as a separate post, clearly stating the challenge you're responsing to and using suitable tags (scenario, pairing) which have been given at the challenge post.

Your skit can be any rating, but if it's clearly "adult" we'd appreciate it if you mentioned it in your post and posted the skit under an lj-cut. If your skit is very long, use an lj-cut no matter what rating.

We also take suggestions for challenges. If you have a suggestions, make it in this post.

If you've a question, you can ask it in this post.

Happy skitting!